The Opportunities

A shipping line on Lake Tanganyika

A scheme to introduce a container shipping line on Lake Tanganyika, using containers to move everything from bulk ores and fuel to chilled food. Currently, Lake Tanganyika is woefully underserved by ships, none of which are modern.

The Opportunities

A dry port at a strategic border crossing from Zambia to DR Congo

Meritus has secured the largest plot available at the new Kipushi border post in Zambia bordering the DR Congo. This post is to serve the mining region of south-eastern Congo.

The Opportunities

A strategic investment in one of Zambia’s biggest hauliers

A strategic partner, being supportive of multimodal transport solutions on both the shipping and dry port projects to create efficient shuttle services.


Meritus’ team draws on experienced professionals from many jurisdictions and backgrounds. Its directors will report frequently to investors and listen to their feedback.

The best time to invest in Africa is now... The best time to invest in Africa is now... The best time to invest in Africa is now...
The best time to invest in Africa is now... The best time to invest in Africa is now... The best time to invest in Africa is now...
Growth is being driven by:

Why Africa?

Fast-growing Population & Urbanisation

2.5 Trillion

Household consumption, is predicted to reach $2.5 trillion by 2030 with Africa’s population to reach 1.5 billion

7 Countries

Nigeria, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa — will soon hold HALF of the continent’s population


43% of Africans across the continent will belong to the middle or upper classes

6 Million

Households in East Africa expected to become consumers by 2025

Increased Investment, Digital and Mobile Access & Industrialisation

80 Billion

Africa’s annual investment in infrastructure has doubled to around $80 billion a year since 2000

Mobile Data

Mobile data access is expected to increase sevenfold from 2017-2025

$300 Billion

Access to mobile money could add $300 billion to GDP by 2025


Industrialisation estimated to double production within a decade

Next Steps/Timeline

LTSC – Sign binding agreements Approximate Projected Timeline for LTSC Phase 1 with the port authorities on Lake Tanganyika, particularly Mpulungu Harbour Authority

Kipushi Dry Port – Sign agreed terms with the landowner to secure the land (currently awaiting internal governmental approvals)

Logistics Company - acquire the shares and authorise commencement of work on the trailer project

In each case, we will simultaneously work to obtain any remaining authorisations and permits required

Prepare the engineering studies and reports required

While the project construction begins, Meritus will start to develop the further stages of each project. For example, in the case of the LTSC project, Meritus seeks to work with partners to improve the rail links to Dar Es Salaam and elsewhere, and eventually improve the Congolese rail links, thus working to create an entire logistics chain