About Us

With decades of development experience, our management team has worked across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and CIS. We are headquartered in Dubai. Our CEO, Andrew Lemon, has over 30 years of development experience. Our core team has worked all over Africa. It is majority female and non-white. Our advisory board includes leading African experts based in Africa itself as well as the Middle East and Europe.

'We are the bond that draws an investment opportunity together, holds it together and pushes it to success'


Our Reach in Africa

We have worked in Africa for many years, advising both governments and investors, individuals and corporates, major Asian companies, start-up Western investors and much in between. We work with both international firms and contractors and leading local firms and contractors right across the continent. Upon hearing of opportunities, we react with speed and efficiency. We objectively evaluate the true value of each and every opportunity and introduce only suitable and relevant parties from our network, which varies from national governments to local and international investors.

Our LTSC project will have positive effects on trade that will affect the whole of sub-Saharan Africa not just the countries bordering the lake.

Meritus Development LLC is a company incorporated and existing under the laws of the United Arab Emirates. It also has a presence in London, UK. From our Dubai headquarters, our team is well placed to travel throughout the Middle East and Africa, extending our trusted network.

Our Vision

Meritus has one goal: to enable and empower Africans, who are traditionally excluded from global economic participation, to effectively participate in the global economy by improving their access to goods, services, and markets through enhanced logistics.

Meritus focuses on:

Our Mission

Meritus seeks to revolutionize logistics in Southern Africa and create an efficient supply chain that will transform the lives of millions of people.

Our Values

We are diverse

Half of our Core Team is non-Caucasian and one-third are women of African descent. Skills and values matter the most. This moto drives how we handle our relationships.

We are innovative

Our projects are disruptive because they have never been done before due to a lack of resources both human and financial. We intend to bridge that gap.

We have integrity

Uprightness, customer care, and fairness help us do the right thing. We craft our level-headedness.

We are inclusive

Our ecosystem is designed to be as wide as possible to include a customers’ reward mechanism so that our partners and clients can use Merits (our tokens) as payment when using our services.

We go the extra mile

The last mile is that inconvenient distance between any major transit stop and one’s destination. We help you get there.